Eating Our Children?

I am writing this post with a very heavy heart for our fellow man who has no sense of the trickery or chicanery that is going on under their noses in an effort to feed the world and make a dollar. Everyone who follows my blog already knows that I stand with the The Creator and Author of our lives and detest things that he detests. This has gone over the top. Recently I was perusing the web for Biblical Health and Healing and came across the website Children of God For Life and was appalled, not at what they have put on their website, but at what our society has done as a whole to the every person who goes to the store and buys food. Mainly processed food. We as a society have now become cannibals and abominable in the eyes our Our Creator.

How this is done. Under the FDA guidance we have now resorted to using aborted baby tissues to enhance the flavor of our food. There is one company in particular that uses this practice to make flavor enhancers for companies such as Pepsi, Nestles, Kraft, Cadbury Adams, and LLC to name a few. This company is Senomyx. This company buys the aborted babies' tissues and uses them, not just for testing {which is such a disgusting practice in of itself} but actually uses these tissues as a base to flavor food to sell.

Some of the companies have been contacted and have stopped using Senomyx, like Coke and others, but Pepsi refused to change practice along with Nestle. Not every product these companies sell uses the term natural flavors or flavor enhancers made from aborted babies, but in my opinion it is worth boycotting their companies for the use of this practice.

The list that Children of God For Life gives on their website for the products for aborted fetal cells was shocking. Seattle's Best Coffee, Ocean Spray, Sobe Beverages and Tropicana sent me over the edge. I have consumed these products in the past and am now I am ashamed for my ignorance, I can only ask for forgiveness from our Creator for what I ingested in the past.

It is a shameful thing to kill an unborn baby due to man's selfish desires, but to turn around and sell the baby's parts to be used in food without telling anyone that may consume these products, is horrific. The FDA has not enforced a mandatory labeling for this company, just like to GMO labeling, they do not see any inherit issue for these practices since the product is modified from its original state. Most of us, as a whole, cannot purchase raw milk in a store, but we can consume millions of children aborted to satisfy our hunger. These tissues are not only in our food, but in some of our medicines (allopathic).

Listed also on the product page from Children of God for Life are vaccines and medicines that use aborted fetal cells in their manufacture. Many who believe that blindly inoculating your children was a good thing... think again. Merck, Glaxo Smith Kline and Sanofi Pasteur are some of the companies listed for their use of aborted tissue in their vaccines.

Please join me in boycotting these companies, and their products, please share this information with those you know. This practice is an abominable practice in the eyes of Yah, to make the unaware consumer eat our nations children will only bring a judgment upon us. Pray, seek forgiveness for violating his rules for living.


Should Mithras be observed?

Please watch this video and pray for your eyes to be opened to Truth of the Scriptures and not blinded by traditions of men.  When I was confronted of this, I repented of my past and misguided thoughts.  Some of the picture are graphic, but please be aware I am only sharing this with you to pass the truth on.


Another good reason to homeschool

Coming from a perspective of watching the dumbing down of our children.  Watch this video and think about what is going on!!

  No wonder the Occupy Wall Street people and the unrest in America is happening.  We turned our backs on the principles of The Heavenly Father to follow our own desires.  The creature is being worshiped and not the Creator!!!  How much more blatant dishonoring and disrespecting can we get.

This is what is happening America!!!!!